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About Us for Music By Marek LLC

I'm Miss Marek, a proud graduate of the esteemed Juilliard School. Nurturing a love for music in children aged 0-5 and fostering musical bonds with their families has been my cherished pursuit for over two decades. From the very beginning, music has been the heartbeat of my existence. My mom fondly recalls how I sang and danced long before I even took my first steps or uttered my first words. With a mother who was an elementary music school teacher, melodies were woven into the fabric of my childhood. I owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to her for this incredible gift.

Now, I have the privilege of passing on this musical legacy to families and their youngest members. Teaching music is not just a vocation but a calling that fills my heart with boundless joy and purpose.

 A Musical Journey with Avery

When my son Avery was just three months old, fate led me to a "magical" music class in Studio City, CA. The enchanting instructor, Susan, had once graced the stage as the lead in "The Fantasticks" Off-Broadway. Through Susan, I discovered the transformative world of Music Together – an extraordinary program tailored for the youngest music enthusiasts and their families. Susan's encouragement sparked a journey that would forever alter the course of my life.

As I pursued my Master's in Clinical Art Therapy at LMU, my path seemed set. However, life had a different plan. It became clear that my true calling was to cultivate musical connections within families. With Music Together, I found the perfect medium to share the magic of music.



Harmony in Challenging Times

When the world paused during the Covid era, I found new ways to share the magic of music. Through the creation of "Hugs in Harmony," a professionally filmed series, families could embark on a musical adventure at any time, fostering connections and creativity from the comfort of their homes.

Music By Marek LLC emerged as a beacon of musical light, offering a structured yet exuberant experience for babysitters, grandparents, and, of course, parents.

Jazz Notes and Global Adventures

Today, I continue to share my passion for music on the serene shores of San Clemente. Jazz standards find a special place in my heart as I harmonize with the finest musicians in South OC. From the Galapagos Islands to the rolling hills of Ireland, my journeys continue to inspire and invigorate.

 A Dream of Musical Unity

In a world that often craves harmony, I believe that starting our musical journey from infancy is a powerful step towards unity, peace, and a harmonious existence. Together, let's keep singing, dancing, and playing, wrapped in the warmest "Hugs in Harmony."